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Version:November 2018
Release date:2018-11-13
Kernel version:4.14
Strawberry4Pi Client
Strawberry4Pi AdHoc Mode Web
Strawberry4Pi AdHoc Networking
TLS Communication
Php 6.0
Mono Full Version
Wiring GPIO
SSH Enable

Don't waste your time

It is done for you !

SSH Enable

Connect to Raspberry Pi Zero W in the normal way via SSH

AdHoc Mode

Push 6 seconds the wifi button and go to web interface to configuration

Web Server 

Secure web page for configuration and Apache installed to do anything you need


Comunication between server and Raspberry Pi Zero W secured TLS and Encrypted custom for each device


Good way to control GPIOs on Raspberry Pi Zero W and much more


Do you like web development?
PHP include on it!

AdHoc Mode

only in 6 seconds

Push the button 6 seconds
Wait for the Wifi Led to start blinking 
Connect to Strawberry4Pi Wifi
Ready !!
You can now setup your device

 Get everything 

when you buy Strawberry4Pi

You will receive your baseboard and instructions to install everything easily