Designed for RB Pi Zero W

We have thought the perfect baseboard to RB Pi Zero W adding 4 powerful relays with 4 connectors with normaly open, normaly close position, 220v power supply included and button configuration for wifi and factory reset device. Everything inside of a case which you can incorporate to your project with the best quality.


your Project Needs


We have optimized baseboard, design and size to incorporate 4 powerful relays 250VAC/12A and power supply 220V to 5V in the smallest space possible

GPIOs Used

Strawberry4Pi only uses five gpios on your Raspberry Pi Zero W leaving you able to use the rest to make everything you want in your projects 

Easy Installation

Lights Control

Example Scheme

The only thing you have to do is connect the ground wire of your electric circuit to any connector you wish, usually in NC (Normally Closed). Switch the pin from the App and the relay will open the circuit switching the lights on. And, of course, you can control more than one lamp at a time, up to 12A. 

Watering Control

 Example Scheme 

Strawberry4Pi enables the user to set different behaviors offering custom features to the users. Set Sequential behavior to control watering systems. Once you set the timer, the jobs will be executed line by line giving enough water to every line to work correctly.

Mix and Match

Make different Strawberry4Pi work together at once, like they are one. Even when they are not on the same location.  

Create Services

as you want

Set a name, select the pins from devices and create your new service. Continue choosing the type of behaviour, simultaneous, sequential or pulse depending on the what kind of work you want to do

Fire your custom Scripts

Read GPIO Status and do something

Integrate with other boards

Read digital input and do something