Strawberry4Pi Shield

Shield designed for Raspberry Pi A or B with 4 power realys, temperature sensor, configuration button and input/outpu 5v.
Get one Strawberry4Pi plug your Raspberry Pi, download both the Operating System and the App and start in a few minutes to control your projects. Easier than ever. 

Strawberry4Pi Zero

We have optimized baseboard, design and size to incorporate 4 powerful relays 250VAC/12A and power supply 100-240Vac to 5V, temperature sensor, configuration button  in the smallest space possible.

Create Services

Set a name, select the pins from devices and create your new service. Continue choosing the type of behaviour, simultaneous, sequential or pulse depending on the what kind of work you want to do
Make different Strawberry4Pi work together at once, like they are one. Even when they are not on the same location. This allows you to create and configure lots of different services using one device to carry out simultaneous tasks. 


your Project Needs

GPIOs Used

Software uses four gpios for Strawberry4Pi's relays, one for a temperature sensor and four additional gpios to allow to you create your custom developments.  

Easy Installation

Din Adaptor

Install DIN adaptor for Strawberry4Pi Zero with power supply included. The best option for a professional environment.     

3D Printed Case

We have developed a 3D printed case for zero model completly free for you to ensure the best protection and great style in different environments. Download files and print your case in a few minutes. 


 If you are a developer of course you can add your custom codes and complete the platform to adapt it to every requirements you need.
You can integrate with other platform like arduino and trigger you projects from Strawberry4Pi App.