Unlimited devices 

 Control virtually unlimited devices from your Strawberry4Pi App. The versatility of our custom Raspbian Software allows you to control different type of devices with different behaviours, all from your phone or desktop.  

Create Services

using Pins from differents Devices

The easiest way to start your DIY Raspberry Pi Zero W Project. 
Control different pins from different devices all in one switch, even if your devices are in different locations. Strawberry4Pi App allows you to invent and create your whole system the way you want and in the easiest way possible.

Control everything 

 In your hand  

Create different services to control all the electronic devices you want. Configure different behaviours depending on your needs; lights, door opening, watering, simultaneous, sequential or pulse. 
Create Scenes based on your habits, grouping different services to fit your daily actions. 
Schedule timings, notifications and share services with other users. 

 Super User Friendly App 

Share your Service

Invite your friends to manage any service you want. When you want to stop sharing, delete their rights. Done! 


Setup schedulers, starting times, repetition, duration and Switch status on/off 

Pin to Pin

Even if your service contains a lot of pins you will be able to turn on/off independently one by one, or all at the same time. 
Great for outside  lightning, countryside houses, pools, watering… and places where the real switches are located far apart.

Smart Thermostat

Create your custom thermostats and control your Services as you prefer. Set Strawberry4Pi to to manage the temperature and the serivices that new thermostat will control. 

Day Night Sensor

Select your country, your city and the services that you want control   when it is dusk or dawn

Device Control

Manage device from app, reset, shutdown and go to local configuration

First Configuration


Garage door

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Use your voice

 to control everything 

We have integrated Strawberry4Pi App with the Google Home Assistant, allowing our users to control their custom services through voice control. *

 Top notch Cloud Security 

for all your services

The communication between your devices and Strawberry4Pi App for Raspberry Pi Zero W are secured with a TLS certificate and each one encrypted with a unique encoding. 
Any action can be executed only one time for each correct device. No intrusions, no leakage.