Zero W Baseboard IoT Solution  

Raspberry Pi

Zero W Baseboard IoT Solution

 The product you were waiting for. App and baseboard integrated to control any electrical device. Easier than ever. Use its base functionality and create any DIY  project you want with a Raspberry Pi Zero W and your Strawberry4Pi  


Release Candidate

We've heard your awesome feedback and want to show you the Strawberry4Pi release candidate version. We have worked very hard to improve the original design and this time we have achieved a better hardware.
Strawberry4Pi is now smaller, better organized, more beautiful, safer, improved access to micro sd card and with grounding on board

 A complete solution 

With no coding required 

Some Projects

Add Strawberry4Pi to your electrical circuits and control them from anywhere 




Garage Door

Garage Door



LEDS Stripes

 LEDS Stripes 



Design your World


To improve your RBPZW 

We have developed a baseboard for Raspberry Pi Zero W to offer users of any level an IoT solution easy and cheap to implement. Any maker without extensive knowledge in hardware or software development can start building their projects. Only Plug your RBPZW to your Strawberry4Pi Baseboard and Go! 
Discover the electrical schemes and how to start working with your Strawberry4Pi now!

Cloud App 

All your IoT projects on the cloud

Manage a lot of devices and create your custom services to control lighting, heating, garage doors, swimming pools… everything you can imagine controlled from anywhere with your SmartPhone, Tablet or PC/Mac with no coding required.  


 Setup schedulers, starting times, repetition, duration and Switch status on/off 


 Invite your friends to manage any service you want. When you want to stop sharing, delete their rights. Done!  


Turn on/off GPIOs of your Raspberry Pi Zero W and control your projects the way you want, from anywhere  


Get notified when your devices get disconnected or any event occurs

No Code Required 

Working Together! Create your custom services joining multiple devices on the App.  

Raspbian Customized

Burn our image

Easy. Plug the OS microSd card and start in 1 minute to use your Raspberry Pi Zero W on the Cloud. Control GPIOs as you want, create timers, create services with multiple devices and make them work together. 
Download our  Raspbian Customized and take your RBPZW to another dimension. 


App for ever


On Line



Be the first to get the Strawberry4Pi, try it, give us feed back and help to improve the community with your Raspberry Pi Zero W Projects 

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