IoT Project

for Raspberry Pi

Strawberry4Pi is a project for Raspberry Pi. We have developed a hardware, App and Raspbian OS prepared with everything you need to control the GPIOs of your Raspberry Pi from your Smartphone in a few minutes.


Hardware and Software

Strawberry4Pi consists of a hardware with a prepared operative system and an App for your smartphone which allows you to control your electronic devices and projects as services in a few minutes, easier and safer than ever. With no coding required.  

Control virtually unlimited devices from your Strawberry4Pi App. The versatility of our Software allows you to control different type of devices with different behaviours, all from your phone or desktop.  


Strawberry4Pi could be used in a lot of circustances to solve or improve a process, it gives the users the possibility to automate actions, open and close, move up/down, switch on/off, activate-deactivate ...for comfort, security, savings, accesibility.  But also allows to integrate different platforms or systems and control them in an easier and safer way. You can install Strawberry4Pi anywhere your imagination can think of. Farms, buildings, gardens... and use it to build solutions to make your life, and that of those you care about easier or even teach kids electronics and software development.   


Strawberry4Pi is  extremely flexible. It allows the users to create multiple services, managing as many Strawberry4Pi simultaneously as needed, working together as a sole device, even when they are not in the same location.    

Design your world

Make different Strawberry4Pi work together at once, like they are one. Even when they are not on the same location. This allows you to create and configure lots of different services using one device to carry out simultaneous tasks.

Every device has 4 relays called Pins. As an example, if you wanted to control all your entire garden, you would install as many Strawberry4Pi as you need around your garden, on your lights, pool,  sprinklers … create new services for each one and group the pins as you wish. This way you will have created a new virtual switch to control those pins simultaneously. The unused Pins could be used to create other services with different behaviors!  

Use Strawberry4Pi to control everything you can imagine. Do it easily from the app or even easier! Supported by Cindy, our voice assistant embedded in Google Home. "OK Google, Cindy turn on my service" Amazing!    

 Strawberry4Pi boards come with an on-board temperature sensor allowing you to create thermostats from the App and triggering actions to control the services previously created. Control your heating, air conditioning systems, temperature in dog kennels,   green-house roof windows... The Day-Night sensor allows you to turn on and off any service automatically when it is dusk or dawn. 

Integration with other platforms
If you are a developer of course you can add your custom codes and complete the platform to adapt it to every requirements you have.
You can integrate with other platform like arduino and trigger you projects from Strawberry4Pi App.  

Software uses four gpios for Strawberry4Pi's relays, one for the temperature sensor and four additional gpios to allow to you create your custom developments.  

Install DIN adaptor for Strawberry4Pi Zero with power supply included. The best option for a professional environment.    

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